Name of Scholarship

HH Webb & Noral Midkiff Webb-Benevolent Trust Foundation for Rural Service National Scholarship (Citizens)

Foundation for Rural ServiceNational Scholarship (Citizens)

Lee Jakson Scholarship(State Scholarship)See Mr. Stanbery for Application

Twin County Community FoundationScholarship Program at WCC is sponsoringHealth Program Scholarships for upcominghigh school graduates from CCHS


Need/Most DeservingCharacter
Must Complete allMaterials as Outlined in Eligibility & Application Instructions

EssayJunior or Senior planning to enter a four year college

Dental HygeneMedical Laboratory TechnologyNrusingPhysical Therapist AssistantPractical Nursing

Amount Information/Due

$3000 per To Mr. Stanbery 3/25/2019

$1500 Self-Mailed No later han 3/1/19

1 - $2000 To Mr. Stanbery 2/1/20191 - $1000

To begin Fall semester 2019 See Mr. Stanbery for questions